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Little Box of Horrors | All Things Halloween & GIVEAWAY! | September 2021


It feels like I blinked and we are already in September. But there are so many good things coming (many in this post), so I can forgive and forget the craziness. One of the things I’ve been looking forward to the most is this month’s Little Box of Horrors. The theme is All Things Halloween and there are so many spooky, scary, and perfect products coming this month (including the debut of my new brand – Dark Skull Designs)!

I have 38 products to share with you today and as if that not enough, I will also be holding my first blog giveaway for a coupon code for $15 off your September Little Box of Horrors order. Cheyenne of CDB Nails and Beauty and Lisa of Cosmetic Sanctuary will also be holding giveaways for $15 off coupon codes. I’ll add links to their blogs below (as they post them), so you can get three opportunities to win*!

Little Box of Horrors will be open from September 18th to September 30th for the All Things Halloween products. The site is currently open for wishlisting, so you can start with a little “window shopping” to prep for the store opening on Saturday. You can browse and shop here!

Let’s take a look at the products and then we’ll get to the giveaway!

All swatches done using Vapid Lacquer – Commitment Issues Peel Off Base Coat and Get Your Shine On glossy top coat. Pictures taken in direct lighting with a natural daylight Ottlite.

* Giveaway open to US and Canada.

Wildflower Lacquer

Tonight… We Fly!


Inspiration: Hocus Pocus

Description: A yellowy olive green base with teal to red to orange to green shifting multichrome shimmer. *It is advised to wear a base coat as this may stain*

Price: $13.00

Cap: None


The Soapy Chef

Beetlejuice Resin Trinket Dish


Inspiration: Beetlejuice – Lydia’s iconic quote

Description: This sparkly dish is perfect for the Beetlejuice and/or Halloween fanatic! Because these are handcrafted, each dish may look slightly different.

Price: $13.00

Cap: 80



Trick or Treat Cuticle Scrub


Inspiration: The scents of the beginning of fall

Description: This gentle cuticle scrub/balm hybrid is made with a blend of oils and butters, as well as granulated sugar that buffs away dead skin around the cuticles and nail beds.  Scent notes: Sicilian Lemon, Ruby grapefruit, sage & Basil leaves

Price: $9.00

Cap: 80


The Nail Stuff

I Like Your Eye Patch


Inspiration: Rhonda from Trick ‘r Treat

Description: “Pre-dating Christianity, [Samhain] was celebrated on the one night between autumn and winter when the barrier between the living and the dead was thinnest, and often involved rituals that included human sacrifice….
…I like your eye patch.” – Rhonda, Trick ‘r Treat

Inspired by Rhonda and her jack o’lanterns, this flakie thermal polish is a shimmery navy when warm, and transitions to blue-black when cold. It is speckled with green-gold and pink-red-orange flakies.

Price: $12.00

Cap: 50 bottles


Sweet Heart Polish



Inspiration: The 1988 classic horror movie, Pumpkinhead

Description: Pumpkinhead is a pale peachy orange linear holo with both gold shimmer and gold sparks. This color came about when looking up old movie posters for some of the movies I wanted to see that Cassandra’s mom wouldn’t allow due to her young age at the time.

Price: $10.00

Cap: 100 bottles


Sassy Pants Polish

Witches Kitchen


Inspiration: Picture of Witches Kitchen

Description: Neon green jelly base with gold holographic microshreds and red/orange/gold UCC flakes.

Price: $12.99

Cap: None



Pumpkin Potion Cuticle Balm


Inspiration: Sweet Pumpkin Spice

Description: This luxurious and moisturizing cuticle balm is enriched with all-natural skin-loving oils and smells like Halloween season….sweet pumpkin spice!

Price: $7.00

Cap: 100


Ribbits Stickits

Un-frog-gettable Cuticle Cover (Liquid Latex)


Inspiration: Bonfires and Ghost Stories

Description: Bonfires and Ghost Stories scent –
(Ribbits Stickits House Blend) creamy butterscotch, aged bourbon whiskey, sweet vanilla and marshmallows, and smoldering fire.

This product contains Latex. DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO LATEX!!!

Price: $9.00

Cap: 50 bottles



Frogetaboutit Acetone Additive


Inspiration: Bonfires and Ghost Stories

Description: Bonfires and Ghost Stories scent description –
(Ribbits Stickits House Blend) creamy butterscotch, aged bourbon whiskey, sweet vanilla and marshmallows, and smoldering fire

Price: $8.50

Cap: 50 bottles



All Things Horrorween Waterslide Decals


Inspiration: Horror Films

Description: One and a half sheets of waterslide decals to help you create horror movie inspires decals all spooky season long! Printed on clear backing. Tips and Tricks and Instructions included!

Price: $10.00

Cap: 50 sets


Red Panda Lacquer

WITCH Way to the Party


Inspiration: A picture of Will from WITCH

Description: A light purple linear holo with red shimmer

Price: $13.00

Cap: 75 bottles


Peachtree Polish

Midnight Madness


Inspiration: A dark Halloween night full of eerie creatures

Description: A dark teal jelly that’s loaded with micro holographic and iridescent flakes that shift from gold/pink/blue/green and UCC multi-colored flakes.

Price: $12.00

Cap: 50 bottles


Paradox Polish and Soap

Not Your Basic Witch


Inspiration: Witches and their black cats are my inspiration.

Description: A dark grey crelly with ucc flake, iridescent flake and purple glitters with scattered holo. Each order comes with a small jar of purple holographic bats.

Price: $12.00

Cap: None


Night Owl Lacquer

Eerie Lights


Inspiration: Halloween light displays.

Description: This is a neon yellow-green filled with purple/pink/gold/green aurora shimmer.

Price: $13.00

Cap: None


Nailed It

Limber Up


Inspiration: Zombieland

Description: A light gray base with a subtle blue tint, packed with copper/green, red/green crystal flakies, and holo flakies.

Price: $13.00

Cap: 150 bottles


MTK Design

Wicked Grin


Inspiration: Maker’s own jack o lanterns – I love creating those impossibly wicked grins

Description: Nearly black burgundy base w/ gold/copper/red shifting multi-chrome flakes and a red/copper/green aurora shimmer.

Price: $12.00

Cap: None



Practicing Dark Arts and Crafts


Inspiration: The internet’s obsession with cats and Halloween

Description: A deep blue to purple to pink shifting base with pink magnetic pull and added holo shimmer.

Price: $13.00

Cap: None


Luna Wax

Ghouls Night Out


Inspiration: What a ghoul might have in their purse or handbag

Description: Scented in Animal Cookies, cherries, citrus, raspberries and slight musk

Price: $8.25

Cap: 110



Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble


Inspiration: Witch’s Cauldron

Description: A tub of scoopable sand like wax scented in Green Apples, red apples, and caramel.

Price: $10.50

Cap: 110


Lemming Lacquer

Jack of the Lantern


Inspiration: The Irish legend Jack of the Lantern, a drunkard who bargains with Satan and is doomed to roam the Earth with only an ever burning ember from Hell in a hollowed turnip to light his way.

Description: Jack of the Lantern is a burnt orange jelly with holographic flakes and black to burgundy to crimson micro flakes.

Price: $13.00

Cap: None


Lacquer is in the Air

Evil Comes in Every Size


Description: Evil Comes in Every Size is a grungy denim blue with holo pigment and ucc flakes.

Price: $13.00

Cap: None



Tiny Halloween Magnets


Inspiration: Ghosts and pumpkins

Description: Set of 4 tiny resin ghosts and pumpkins with neodymium magnets.

Price: $6.00

Cap: 40


Kat Prints

Tombstone Swatch Rings


Description: Turn your nail polish collection into a graveyard with these swatch rings. They are the perfect way to swatch your polishes and show off your collection! Each pack comes with two hand-assembled white rings of each of the five designs.

The designs include a cross tombstone, a skull tombstone, a pentagram tombstone, a tombstone with the alchemy symbol of death, and the classic RIP tombstone every Halloween fan knows and loves.

The rings fit most standard size bottles such as Color Club, Holo Taco, ILNP, LynBDesigns, etc. However, they can be expanded or shrunken to fit bottles such as those of OPI or Enchanted Polish. Just use careful application of heat from a blow dryer or other controllable heat source on the ring prongs and mold it to the shape of the brush cap. PLA can become soft if left under direct sunlight for long periods of time, so you do not need much heat to mold your rings. Please exercise extreme caution while using heat.

Price: $10.00

Cap: None


Jen & Berries

This IS My Costume


Inspiration: A silver ring with a skeleton holding a coffin-shaped ruby

Description: This IS My Costume celebrates those who put minimal effort into their Halloween costumes. It is an intensely silver holographic polish with red metallic flakies.

Price: $12.00

Cap: 100 bottles


Galatea Cosmetics

The Fancy Room Cuticle Balm


Inspiration: What We Do In the Shadows (TV)

Description: All secret meetings are held in the fancy room, and this is the scent of secret vampire meetings: Leather, dark chocolate, and cherry.

Price: $8.00

Cap: None


Fancy Gloss

Never Sleep Again


Inspiration: Freddy – Nightmare on Elm Street

Description: Black (cold) to clear/withish (warm) with small red metallic flakes

Price: $12.00

Cap: None


Fanchromatic Nails

The Dust That Sparkles


Inspiration: What We Do In the Shadows (TV)

Description: The Dust That Sparkles can be worn as a sheer topper in 1 coat, or built to opacity in 2-3 coats. It has a deep blue base with a strong purple shift and can also look teal in some lights- and it’s full of multiple sizes of blue/green and blue/purple iridescent glitter!

Swatcher Note – a few of the LBOH’s swatchers found small chunks of  undissolved pigment in their swatcher bottles. This did not appear to effect all of the swatcher bottles. Lynae will be making a new batch for any bottles that are sold during the September sale in order to avoid any further issues.

Price: $12.00

Cap: 64 bottles


Dark Skull Designs

Friday the 13th Clutch Wallet


Inspiration: Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

Description: The Friday the 13th Clutch Wallet features 12 card slots, a zippered change pocket (with an added body surprise inside), 2 slots for cash/receipts/additional cards & large slot for cellphone or other larger items. The Clutch Wallet also contains a gunmetal turnlock for added security, so you can load this wallet up with your essential and won’t have a fright from unintentional spills!

This wallet can fit in medium to large size bags or carried on it’s own as a clutch. The black/gray/white/red color scheme offers a sleek, modern look, while celebrating all things Halloween.

Empty wallet measurements: 8 in(L) x 5 in (H) x 2 in(W) – Width with vary depending on the size of items in the wallet.

Price: $35.00

Cap: 8



Jason Lives Circle Bag


Inspiration: Jason Voorhees/Friday the 13th

Description: Companion to the Friday the 13th Clutch Wallet.

The Jason Lives Circle Bag features 2 exterior slip pockets, 1 interior slip pocket, and 1 interior zipper pocket (with an added spooky surprise inside). Gunmetal hardware and zipper adds a sleek flair to the gray/white/black/red color scheme. Each bag features two custom gunmetal zipper pulls – a Jason Chibi and a skull – on the main exterior zipper.

With a removable 52 inch adjustable crossbody strap, the Jason Lives bag can be used interchangeably as a crossbody bag or a handbag.

Measurements: 9.5in x 9.5in x 3in

Price: $65.00

Cap: 3

Custom Jason Zipper Pull


Interior Zipper Pocket


Interior Slip Pocket

Colores de Carol

Haunted Cauldron


Inspiration: Witch’s cauldron

Description: A black base with multichrome shimmer. holographic micro flakes and iridescent chameleon flakes.

Price: $12.50

Cap: None


Color Spectrum Polish

Oogie Boogie


Inspiration: The Oogie Boogie Man

Description: A black base with lots of green shimmers and green to blue to yellow shifting ucc flakies

Price: $12.00

Cap: 50 bottles



Luxury Cream Eyeshadow


Inspiration: Halloween make-up

Description: A luxury eyeshadow that shimmers with rose gold hues. This is a lightweight, non-greasy formula and glides on with ease. Just one stroke using the soft applicator applies enough product and blends easily. The shadow can be used as an eye color or cheek highlighter but is not lip safe. This shadow pairs great with the July 2021 eye color, Chocolate Aurora.

Price: $8.00

Cap: 15


1 coat
2 coats

Black Dahlia Lacquer

Sally & Jack


Inspiration: A scene in the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Description: Sally & Jack is a light icy blue jelly with Aurora shimmers and a strong shift to purple and teal with a dark undercoat.

Price: $12.00

Cap: None



Cuticle Putty Fruit Treats Trio


Inspiration: All the yummy things to eat in the fall!

Description: It’s a crisp fall night and you are super hungry, what do you want to eat??? This cuticle trio contains 3 different scents. Fluffy Berry-kin has scents of blueberry pancakes, Coco-Apple with the scent of a delicious coconut candied apple, or maybe you’re in the mood for Contrived Cobbler scented like gooey peach cobbler! Choose a different scent each day!

This luxurious cuticle cream soaks in quickly and doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue once you rub it in. Apply it daily at home or on the go! Each scent comes in a convenient 5g container. These cuticle creams are gluten free.

Price: $5.00

Cap: None



Boo Plate


Description: Nail stamp plate

Price: $14.99

Cap: 300



Spider Earrings


Description: Spider-shaped earring made of black acrylic with nickel base. IT IS NOT A GEM AND IT IS NOT ANTI-ALLERGIC.

Price: $10.00

Cap: 300


All Mixed Up Lacquers

Pumpkin Bits


Inspiration: Colorful Jack-o-lantern Pumpkins

Description: A shimmery white crelly with orange, red, fuschia, black, and green holographic glitters of all shapes and sizes

Price: $12.00

Cap: 50 bottles



Boogyman Inspired Glow in the Dark Phone Grip


Inspiration: The one and only Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas.

Description: The Boogyman Inspired Phone Grip is a large 3D printed, glow in the dark, Oogie Boogie shaped phone grip with glow in the dark resin for some added extra glow. Oogie is rather large, like his personality, measuring in at 3.25″ tall x 3″ wide.

Price: $25.00

Cap: 45


Giveaway Information


Tamara of Paradox Polish and Soap Co. was awesome enough to give away three $15 coupon codes of the September Little Box of Horrors shop! Myself, Cheyenne (CDB Nails and Beauty) and Lisa (Cosmetic Sanctuary) will each be giving away a coupon code to three lucky winners! Please see below for link to Cheyenne’s and Lisa’s blog posts for additional chances to win!

My all time favorite holiday is Halloween and it has always been my goal to one day turn my garage into a haunted house for trick or treaters. Three year ago, I finally made it happen! My family and I made an awesome (in my opinion) haunted house using animatronic, strobe lights, fog machines, cooked pasta, and fake bloody. It’s one of my best halloween memories!


September Winner – Janie W.


71 thoughts on “Little Box of Horrors | All Things Halloween & GIVEAWAY! | September 2021”

  1. Such a great variety of items this month! It’s going to be hard to choose.

    My favorite spooky holiday memories are with my partner. Every year for Halloween they cook a wonderful meal and we watch Over the Garden Wall in a pile of blankets. It isn’t very daring but it makes me feel safe and loved.


  2. Going to ss many haunted houses that we could do before the season was up and laughing at your best friend when she punched an actor because they scared the crap out of her and her profusely apologizing for it lol god i miss her!!??


  3. I wasn’t allowed to go trick or treating when I was growing up, but when I was very young my mamaw would take me. I was a clown every time, ha! Those are some amazing memories. 💚


  4. The most creepy joke I made a few years ago. I didn’t sleep all night and put on zombie makeup, put on old torn clothes and hid in the refrigerator in the morning (I’m thin – I can fit anywhere). Of course, before that I turned it off and got everything out of there. I calculated just in time for the rise of the parents. My father opened the refrigerator door and I jumped out. He yelled so hard that he slammed the door back, right in my face! (😁😂). But it was worth it!


  5. Obsessed with Halloween and I have a ton of fond memories. I recently started working for a haunted house (hayrides, corn trails) as a special effects makeup artist and technician. That has been a very memorable experience!


  6. My fave Halloween memory is when I was a tiny tot, after trick or treating my mom would check my candy for sharp objects while I watched Halloween part 2. Then the scene where the little boy is going into the hospital with his mom because he took a bite of an apple and a razor blade was stuck in it, in which was then in his mouth…. After that I never went house to house again!


  7. Our local Historical Museum had a creepy poetry night, and everyone could come listen and they gave us candy. It was inside the old Victorian home where the museum is located.


  8. Making balloon animals for trick or treaters at my friends’ house a few years ago. It was cold and icy but totally worth it to be out there. The kids loved the balloons 😁


  9. My favorite Halloween memory was trick or treating with my son when we first moved into our neighborhood. We weren’t sure what Halloween would look like since we hadn’t met many of the neighbors yet, but it ended up being one of the best years!


  10. Hello! This is my first time checking out Little Box of Horrors and I am excited. Fall is my favorite season! Growing up in Michigan I have fond memories of cider mill visits, crunchy leaves and pumpkin carving. My favorite Halloween memory is of course trick or treating! My mom handmade all our costumes and my favorite to this day was She-Ra! Princess of Power!


  11. My favorite Halloween memory is probably going through a haunted house like the one you created! Growing up I lived in a neighborhood that really went all out for Halloween and there were a ton of kids and several haunted houses set up in peoples garages. Second closest was going trick or treating a few years later with my sister and her husband and some of his nephews. I was a bit older and it was a bit quieter but my brother-in-law (big age difference between my sisters and I) made it memorable.


  12. Not one specific memory, but I always loved trick or treating with my brother as a kid! My mom hand sewed fabulous costumes for us every year and it was always so much fun. 🎃


  13. I am a Halloween nut too and we do a walk through haunted house with the neighbor with out double driveways and into our back patio


  14. My favorite Halloween memory is the one year I was able to talk my mom into having a Halloween party for all my friends at our home. We did so much decorating and had fun games and everyone dressed up in costumes. I didn’t even miss not going trick or treating.


  15. My favorite Halloween memory would probably be when I was younger. I went out trick or treating with my best friends in these stupid shoes and we went up a really dark walkway. As we were coming back down I missed a step and twisted my ankle. We were all laughing since I was an idiot for not paying attention


  16. I am also in AZ! I have always loved Halloween, but I especially loved it when my son was younger. I always got a kick from seeing him show off the costume he picked at every door.


  17. I love your garage haunted house idea! It’s a dream of mine as well! My favorite Halloween memory is when it was a snowstorm & our tiny town still treated the trick or treaters even though most of our state “cancelled” Halloween. My sisters & I had so much fun wading through snow drifts & raking in TONS of candy!!


  18. My favorite Halloween memory would be the year I dressed up as a princess/angel/spy (yes, this was all in one costume). I was going through a phase of loving spies, but my grandmother really wanted me to let her make me a princess costume, and my mom wanted me to be an angel, so I decided I would do all three at once. I had little plastic knives strapped to the skirt of the dress, a halo attached to a crown, and some magnifying glasses in my sleeves. No one could see the parts of my costume that made me a spy, so I was perfectly disguised 😎


  19. Lots of lovely Halloween memories. But a more recent one where I went to a concert in a homemade squirrel costume (I rehab squirrels for a wildlife rescue) and everyone kept asking me if I was Totoro lol. By the end of the night I had stripped my ears, tail and “fur” , because in hindsight, going to a hot club to dance to one of your favorite bands, clothed in fur, probably wasn’t the smartest idea 😂


  20. Thanks so much for this! So many beautiful polishes! Those halloween themed swatch rings are awesome!
    My favorite Halloween memory is staying out until all hours of the night to fill up my pillow case with candy! The good ole days 🎉


  21. My favorite Halloween memory is taking inventory of my candy after trick-or-treating with my sister (and then swapping items with her). 🎃


  22. My best Halloween memory is yet to come! Where I live, we don’t really celebrate it but hopefully one day I’ll join a celebration in a country where people do.


  23. My favorite Halloween memory is Mike elf a tradition, but every year growing up my childhood best friend and I would go trick or treating together! We would always wear costumes that went together and then hang out and eat our candy afterwards. It was always the best!


  24. I think it has to be the classic pillow case candy bags the we used as kids. As the night wears on and you get tired and started letting the bag drag and then getting in trouble because you ruined a pillow case….


  25. My favorite Halloween memory is probably the year I got the most candy as a kid. My pillowcase was SO full. I was beyond delighted with all of my loot lol Halloween is fun as an adult as well but it hits differently when you’re still a kid.


  26. I have so many great memories of Halloween, my favorite though is probably watching scary movies with my family, and we still do it whenever we get a chance! 🙂


  27. We weren’t allowed to celebrate Halloween as kids, but we could pass out candy. I always looked forward to it each year. My favorite memory is when one adult came up to the door, and put his hands on the glass trying to scare us. The glass was the kind that you couldn’t really see through so we couldn’t make out really what it was. My parents were not amused, but I enjoyed it. 🙂


  28. The NYC Halloween Parade has been my favorite part of Halloween for years now. The original & intricate details of people’s costumes are amazing to see. Especially the pets’ costumes!


  29. Awesome swatches as always! My favourite Halloween memory isn’t just one particular year, it’s pretty much my entire childhood! I grew up in a small community in Nova Scotia, Canada, where pretty much everyone knows everyone, and lots of relatives live nearby. Every year we would start trick-or-treating on our street, going next door to my Aunt/Uncle’s, then next door to them to my Grandparent’s house, then work our way up the street before one of my parent’s would drive us further to the other streets. Very often when you knock on a door and the person lets you in, they would always ask the same questions, ‘Who’s your father, who’s your mother?’ As if they might not give you treats if they don’t know whose kid you are 🤣 I never thought this was an odd question to ask at the time because it was so common I thought it was normal. But the older I get the more I laugh and cherish those moments! That and shout out to what we dubbed ‘Rich Man’s Lane’ because that’s where the bigger houses owned by teachers and doctors were and they always gave out full size candy bars and the cool treats, lol! 🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃


  30. My favorite halloween memory was when i went trick or treating with my children when they were young. They wore matching costumes and they were very cute.


  31. My favorite Halloween memory was dressing up with my whole family every Halloween. We always went to the same houses and my mom and dad had the same costumes every year! I miss that so much!


  32. There are a few square blocks in my neighborhood that go absolutely insane for Halloween. It is THE trick-or-treat spot in my city. I have family friends who live there and every year when I was a kid, we would go over and hit every house and then spend the rest of the night trading candy with our friends on their living room floor. I’ve also heard from my parents that a relatively well-known author lives in the neighborhood and hands out drinks for the adults. I’m waiting for Miss. Rona to clear on out to give that part a try


  33. So many beautiful colors to choose from!

    My favorite Halloween memory is from when I was living abroad for a year as a child. My family and I were in a country that didn’t celebrate Halloween so we did our own little trick-or-treating adventure with family and a few neighbors and I thought it was so special and cool. I was a very easily impressed seven-year-old I guess 😅


  34. As a child of the 60’s all my Halloween nights were special. I made sure of that. Fast forward to today, l’m still a lover of all things horror and always have been. I loved watching horror movies starting at age 6. I loved to plan what to dress up as.


  35. My favorite memory would be trick or treating my senior year of high school. It signified the end of us being allowed to get candy. I didn’t have to worry about my mom following in the car and we took my friend’s younger sister along also.


  36. My favorite Halloween memory is simply the smell of old pillowcases, since that’s what we used for trick or treating. Our fingers were numb from the cold struggling to hang on to the enormous weight of the candy through awkward fitting gloves, and you could never tell what the costume was supposed to be because mom would make us wear coats. But it was worth it.


  37. My favorite Halloween memory is of bringing my giant spider from Costco home. I’d spotted them the previous year and couldn’t afford it at the time so it felt very good to be able to get one at last. My spider family has grown ever since. I’m hoping next year and I can set it up to look like it has wrapped up a human body to feast on later. 😀


  38. My favorite Halloween is really any during my truck or treating years. It was souch fun dressing up and coming home with gobs of candy. I won’t for get the one year, the fire fighters in our old hometown were giving the giant pixie sticks out. 😊


  39. My fav Halloween memory is the year my boyfriend and I made our costumes. We were 2 Crayola crayons 🖍 So much fun!


  40. I have so many scrummy memories to choose from, I’ll go with putting together my costume for a Girl Scouts masquerade – I borrowed my grandpa’s trench coat, got a bald cap from the party store, stuck a lollipop in my mouth and walked around asking the adults: “Who loves ya, baby?”.. Kojak-style;-p
    No one would be old enough to get that reference, but I love me a detective from any era 😀


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