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Tonic Polish | Fall 2021 Collection | September 2021



I have the Fall 2021 Collection from Tonic Polish to share with you today.  This collection features 11 stunning polishes in a range of colors and finishes (Including the most eye-catching and unique reflective polish)!

Release: Friday, September 10th at 7:00 pm Central

Nine of the Fall 2021 Collection polishes will be available as a Whole Shebang and individually and two polishes will have very limited (50 bottles each) availability, so they will not be included in the whole shebang option. More information on the limited polishes below!

You can grab your polishes here!

All swatches done using Vapid Lacquer – Commitment Issues Peel Off Base Coat and Get Your Shine On glossy top coat. Pictures taken in direct lighting with a natural daylight Ottlite.

Ultraviolet (Limited Quantities)


Ultraviolet is described as a super shiny aqua blue to indigo shifting iridescent shimmer in a smooth silver static holo.

Pictured in three coats.

Price: $13.00

Cap: 50 bottles – may be re-released in the future as a more sparkly 2.0 version!


Fading Fuchsia (Limited Quantities)


Fading Fuchsia is described as a bright fuchsia thermal with super shiny orange-gold iridescent shimmer that fades to a sort of magical translucent grey/pink/colorless iridescent gold gold shimmer when warm.

Named as such because Lindsey suspects this particular thermal pigment is likely to fade more quickly than others. Think of it as a consumable good that is to be used promptly and make sure you love the ethereal warm state of the polish in case that ends up being its final state!

Pictured in three coats.

Price: $13.00

Cap: 50 bottles – made as a tester batch. May or may not be re-released again in the future.




Martini is described as a deep and rich brown/gold/olive green holo with red-gold-green shifting iridescent shimmer.

Pictured in two coats.

Price: $13.00


Violet Gold


Violet Gold is described as a super shiny iridescent orange-gold shimmer in a violet base.

Pictured in three coats.

Price: $13.00




X-Ray is described as a super shiny aqua blue to indigo shifting iridescent shimmer in a black base with a hint of holo sparkle flecks.

Pictured in two coats.

Price: $13.00


Sweet Tooth


Sweet Tooth is described as a bright aquamarine with iridescent red-gold-green shifting shimmer and flakes in a sparkly scattered holo base.

Pictured in three coats.

Price: $13.00




Stellar is described as a super shiny iridescent red-gold shifting flakes. Concentrated enough to wear alone in 2-3 coats or can be used as a topper.

Pictured in three coats with no undie and in one coat over a white creme base.

Price: $13.00


Terra Rosa


Terra Rosa is described as a rosy terracotta static holo with mint-purple shifting iridescent shimmer.

Please Note: Terra Rosa was made in two different color lots. One of the batches of shimmer pigment used was a finer consistency and resulted in a slightly lighter base color. The two lots are very close but differences may be seen if the the two were to be worn side by side.

Pictured in three coats.

Price: $13.00




Firebird is described as a super shiny iridescent red-gold shifting shimmer. Concentrated enough to wear alone in 2-3 coats or can be used as a topper.

Pictured in three coats with no undie and in two coats over a black creme polish.

Price: $13.00




Infrared is described as a super shiny iridescent red-gold shifting shimmer in a black base.

Pictured in two coats. While I was editing pictures, I realized that I completely missed taking a macro picture of this polish. I will update the post once I am available to get it done!

Price: $13.00


Flash Lights


I mean… just look at that shift!

Flash Lights is described as a Flash reflective gold micro glitter in green-purple shifting shimmer. Dries to a gritty texture so it needs a few coats of top coat to smooth out.

Pictured in three coats. Let’s me preface pictures by saying that Flash Lights is so much more UNREAL in real life. I could not capture the reflective aspect of this polish in my pics, but trust me when I say I have never seen a polish like this. I sat in front of kitchen windows for like 5 minutes, just looking at the reflective glitters and shift. You will not regret getting this polish!

Price: $13.00


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