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Femme Fatale | Enchanted Fables | Magical Items | February 2021



Long time no see! My plan to take a nice, relaxing break over the holidays did not go exactly as planned and I ended up being away for longer than expected. I finally feel centered again and ready to jump back into share my polish love with you all!

I have an AMAZING collection to share with you all today. I had the pleasure of swatching the Enchanted Fables collection from Femme Fatale Cosmetics.

The Enchanted Fables Collection is an annual release that features polishes inspired by magical stories and fairy tales. The 2021 Enchanted Fables collection is the 5th installment and this year’s theme is magical items.

This 25 piece collection is extremely limited edition and will only be available for a four day pre-order (and with select stockists). As with past years, all purchases of the full collection will come with TWO free exclusive polishes!*

The Enchanted Fables collection will be available from February 1st (9am AEST) to February 5th (9am AEST). The approximate ship date for all orders will be February 26th.

You can grab your polishes on the Femme Fatale website! Let’s take a look at the collection.

All swatches done using Vapid Lacquer Commitment Issues Base Coat and Get Your Shine On. Pictures taken in direct lighting with a natural daylight Ottlite.

*Exclusive polishes will not be available for individual purchase and will not be carried by stockists.

Gift of Wings

Gift of Wings is described as a thermal with states of rose pink (hot) and coral-apricot (cold). It’s overlaid with a jewel-tone violet pigment which enhances that pink warm state into looking very iridescent and delicate.

Inspired by the wings gifted to Thumbelina from a white fly in Thumbelina by Hans Christian Andersen.

Pictured in three coats.


Bearskin Mantle

Bearskin Mantle is described as a tri-thermal with states of gold (hot), orange (warm) and black (cold). It’s overlaid with a jewel-tone green pigment which gives the golden state a lime tone, and the black state a deep emerald/olive tone.

Inspired by Grimm’s Snow White and Rose Red, specifically the bear’s skin that was bewitched over the Prince by a wicked dwarf.

Pictured in three coats.


Magic Wand

Magic Wand is described as a thermal with states of soft orchid pink (hot) and soft violet purple (cold) with a subtle green-teal shifting shimmer that gives this demure shade a lovely twist.

Inspired by the Fairy Godmother’s wand from Cinderella.

Pictured in three coats.


Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole is described as a midnight blue jelly base packed with turquoise microflakes. There’s a really nice depth as the layers change the turquoise flakes to become more blue. The microflakes are super fine which gives it a luscious sparkle in the light.

Inspired by the rabbit hole through which Alice falls into Wonderland.

Pictured in two coats.


Cursed Spindle

Cursed Spindle is described as an organic, army green with a shimmering golden finish.

Inspired by the magical spindle in Grimm’s Little Brier-Rose.

Pictured in two coats.


Ruby Slippers

Ruby Slippers is described as a classic, shimmering red packed with ruby microflakes in superfine size. This shimmering concoction captures the light beautifully and just glimmers magically on the nails.

Inspired by the Ruby Slippers from Wizard of Oz.

Pictured in two coats.


Sorcerer’s Hat

Sorcerer’s Hat is described as a thermal with states of taupe-pink (hot), and murky teal (cold). It’s packed full of a rose-gold shimmer that looks amazing in the warm state. Sorcerer’s hat is similar to Magician’s Fife in that people are going to capture interestingly different states depending on your application, nail length and local climate. The states between the pink and teal can lean rather taupe as well.

Inspired by the magician’s hat in Fantasia.

Pictured in two coats.


Firefly Rings

Firefly Rings is described as a thermal with states of pale green (hot) and purple (cold). It’s overlaid with a jewel-tone pink pigment which shifts to gold at angle to the light.

Inspired by the magical item of same name in Robin Hood.

Pictured in three coats.


The Enchanted Rose

The Enchanted Rose is described as a thermal with states of bright red (hot), and black (cold). It’s overlaid with a jewel-tone purple shimmer than leans the warm red state to a rich magenta pink, and the cold state to a velvety purple-plum tone.

Inspired by the rose from Beauty and the Beast by Madame de Villeneuve.

Pictured in three coats.


Great Star in the Sky

Great Star in the Sky is described as a bright blue jelly base packed with turquoise microflakes in fine particles that glitter beautifully on the nails. This one can lean bright blue or turquoise depending on skin tone and lighting.

Inspired by the crystal’s energy expulsion in the Atlantis movie; remembered by Kida as ‘Great Star in the Sky’.

Pictured in two coats.


Black Cauldron

Black Cauldron is described as a glimmering, foil-type finish of a glowing green shimmer. It shifts slightly to a cooler blue then to a purple tone at an angle to the light; but primarily after several coats you’ll have a jewel green that captures the light beautifully.

Inspired by the Black Cauldron which has the ability to raise the dead, from the movie of the same name.

Pictured in three coats.



Balloon is described as a rich, velvety red with a subtle colour shift to copper and gold. It’s not too shimmery, but not quite a satin-type of finish (probably between). It captures the light beautifully and has an amazing ember-like glow with that golden-green colour shift.

Inspired by the Balloon from Winnie the Pooh.

Pictured in two coats.


Twilight Bark

Twilight Bark is described as a thermal with states of dusky, muted rose (hot), and deep murky blue (cold). It’s packed full of a soft copperish shimmer that glimmer gold and copper in the light. Just like Magician’s Fife and Sorcerer’s Hat, Twilight Bark is going to give some interesting transition colours depending on your application, nail length and climate. Some states can look a bit earthen-brownish, especially if the full cold state is not achieved.

The “twilight bark” from 101 Dalmations is a whimsical notion that at the end of the day dogs pass messages in a daisy-chain fashion by barking which can carry detailed information, gossip, across hundreds of miles.

Pictured in three coats.


Enchanted Beans

Enchanted Beans is described as a thermal with states of pale green (warm) to deep blue (cold). During transition it may look a bit teal while it’s in the ‘inbetween’ state. It’s overlaid with a shimmering green sparkle that really pops when it’s in cold state.

Inspired by the magical beans that grew into a beanstalk in Jack and the Beanstalk as recorded by Joseph Jacobs.

Pictured in three coats.


Fairy Dust

Fairy Dust is described as a tri-thermal with states of bright pink (hot), magenta (warm) and purple (cold). It’s overlaid with a bright, sparkling blue glassfleck that shimmers in the light. Although this is a three state thermal pigment used, we have noticed that the hot and middle states are very similar (hot pink / magenta) and thus are a little hard to distinguish at times, especially depending on the weather/body temperature. You should see a clear difference between the pink and purple, but the two pink phases may be more subtle.

Inspired by the magical duel between the fairy godmothers when deciding Sleeping Beauty’s dress colour.

Pictured in three coats.


Glass Slipper

Glass Slipper is described as a sheer jelly sky-blue base packed with luminescent purple glass flecks that is beautiful in the light. We recommend 3 coats however you may still have VNL. If you prefer to not have VNL you can layer this over a similar base colour.

Inspired by the glass slipper from Cinderella.

Pictured in three coats.


Black Blood of the Sea Witch

Black Blood of the Sea Witch is described as a sheer jelly dark-blue base packed with shifting foil flecks that travel from pink-copper-golden green at angle to the light. The foil flecks can lean the jelly base colour a slightly more teal-green tone in some lighting as well. It’s a lovely, shifting chameleon shade that layers up nicely and is beautiful in the light.

Inspired by The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen, where the sea witch used her blood as part of a magical draught to give the little mermaid legs instead of her tail.

Pictured in three coats.


Golden Egg

Golden Egg is described as a vibrant, juicy orange with strong green/gold sheen.

Inspired by The Goose the Laid the Golden Eggs.

Pictured in two coats.


Sugar Plum Fairy Droplets

Sugar Plum Fairy Droplets is described as a thermal with states of light orchid pink (hot) and deep violet (cold). It’s packed with golden copper sparkles that twinkle in the light.

Inspired by the dancing flower fairies in Fantasia.

Pictured in three coats.


Magician’s Fife

Magician’s Fife is described as a thermal with states of gold (warm), and deep blue (cold). It’s overlaid with a jewel-tone green pigment. Magician’s Fife is an interesting thermal in that it looks quite different depending on what state you get it to. The mid state between the gold and blue can look rather teal with a sort of brown tone; I think it’s really going to depend on what temperature your body is and what temperature the current climate is in your area. This shade will vary for everyone.

Inspired by the Pied Piper tale.

Pictured in three coats.


The Golden Ball

The Golden Ball is described as an intriguing, liquid golden chartreuse foil with a beautifully soft copper-golden glow over the top.

Inspired by the golden ball in the Frog Prince by Brother’s Grimm.

Pictured in three coats.


Rover Bellflower

Rover Bellflower is described as a rich, luxurious purple with green-purple shifting shimmer.

Inspired by Grimm’s Rapunzel tale. The Rapunzel plant is also known as Rover Bellflower.

Pictured in three coats.


Queen’s Cordial

Queen’s Cordial is described as a sheer bright violet with red-gold-green unicorn pee type of pigment. It’s a lovely, shifting shade that layers up nicely and is beautiful in the light.

Inspired by Lucy’s cordial (healing potion) from the Narnia Chronicles by C.S Lewis.

Pictured in three coats.


Mist Ablaze

Mist Ablaze is described as a bright, glimmering coral orange packed full of blue-purple shifting glass flecks that give it a sparkling, luminescent finish. It can lean pinkish in some lights due to the blue shimmer offsetting the orangeish base.

Inspired by Grimm’s Juniper Tree. 

Pictured in three coats.


Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror is described as a soft, subtle type of robin egg blue that leans slightly green. It’s overlaid by a gleaming, luminescent violet.

Inspired by the evil Queen’s mirror in Grimm’s Little Snow-White.

Pictured in three coats.


Enchanted Fables Exclusive Polishes


Under A Spell

Under A Spell is described as a magenta base overlaid with a golden shifting chrome sheen, that twists the overall colour into a brown with a lovely golden flash. Within are holographic particles and a scattering of golden holographic glitters in various sizes. Top coat is also recommended for this as it will dry textured.

Pictured in two coats.


Awoken By A Kiss

Awoken By A Kiss is described as a bright royal purple with red-gold-green unicorn pee type pigment and a scattering of silver holographic glitters in various sizes. Top coat recommended as this will dry textured.

Pictured in two coats.


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