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Necessary Evil Polish | Sirens of the Seven Seas Summer Glitter Toppers Box | August 2020



Fair warning, tonight is a blogging night and I have a TON of blog posts that I’ve wanted to get up for the past month or so, but life just got in the way. But my delay will hopefully be a nice feast for your eyes while you looking through these gorgeous collections.

Let’s first take a look at the Sirens of the Seven Seas collection from Necessary Evil Polish. Each polish in this seven piece collections represents the different parts of the ocean, also known as the seven seas. The polishes are available individually for $9.00 each or as a set for $55.00. You can grab your polishes here!

Here is the layout of my swatches for this collection:

  • Index finger – One coat over a black crΓ¨me, topped with a glossy top coat
  • Middle finger – three coats with no undie, topped with a matte top coat
  • Ring finger – two coats with no undie, topped with a glossy top coat
  • Pinky – two coats over a white crΓ¨me, topped with a glossy top coat

All swatches done using Vapid Lacquer Commitment Issues Base Coat and Get Your Shine On & Bluebird Lacquer Nothing Else Matters. Pictures taken in direct lighting with a natural daylight Ottlite.

Makah (North Pacific)

Blue glitter bomb topper.


Atargatis (Indian Ocean)

Bronze-orange-black glitter bomb topper.


Kananaka (South Pacific)

Green glitter bomb topper.


The Selkie (North Atlantic)

Purple glitter bomb topper.


Lamanja (South Atlantic)

Magenta glitter bomb topper.


Sedna (Arctic)

Iridescent glitter bomb topper.


Lorelie (Southern Ocean)

Black-white-iridescent glitter bomb topper.


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