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Lemming Lacquer | 2020 Halloween Collection | September 2020



I have the 2020 Halloween Collection from Lemming Lacquer to share with you today. This collections has a little bit of everything that I love – holo, multichrome & flakies!! I could not have made a better collection to my liking!

The collection is available individually or as a set for $90.00, including free US priority shipping. You can grab your polishes here!

All swatches done using Vapid Lacquer Commitment Issues Base Coat and Get Your Shine On. Pictures taken in direct lighting with a natural daylight Ottlite.


Hexentanz is an ultraviolet to purple to red multichrome with holographic micro flakes and sparks.  Meaning “witches dance” in German, Hexentanz is inspired by The Witch Dance from the 2016 celebration of Walpurgis in Harz Germany.

Price: $13.00


Specter’s Bargain

Specter’s Bargain is an orange holographic with green to blue to red-purple multichrome shimmer.  Inspired by lyrics from the song A Charming Spell by Splashdown.

Price: $12.00


Her Dark Majesty

Her Dark Majesty is a pink to purple to green to gold multichrome with holographic micro flakes and sparks.  Inspired by the name of reverence for Michelle Pfeiffer’s witch character, Lamia, in the movie Stardust.

Price: $13.00


Bone Fairy

Bone Fairy is a gray crelly with pink to orange to gold to green multichrome shimmer with holographic micro flakes and sparks. Inspired by the admittedly strange but unquestioned tradition of putting our baby teeth under our pillows for the Tooth Fairy.  Modern folk stories say we make offerings of our baby teeth and the bones of the dead, lest the bone fairies take larger bones like spines and skulls from the living.

Price: $13.00



Lycanthropy is a medium turquoise with orange to gold to green shimmer and flakes.  Inspired by “Werewolf” by artist GDBee.

Price: $13.00



Hobgoblin is a brown jelly with a multichrome shifting cyan to blue to purple to red and holographic micro flakes and sparks. Inspired by my youngest cat, Sabrina, who I call “goblin” when she gets the zoomies. In folklore hobgoblins tend to be more mild than goblins and are known for being both helpful and mischievous–just like Sabrina.

Price: $13.00


Season of the Witch

Season of the Witch is a rich burnt orange holographic with orange shimmer.  Inspired by the season of all things Fall and Halloween that nourishes the witch in all of us.

Price: $12.00


Nightmare’s Gloom

Nightmare’s Gloom is a red-violet to orange to copper multichrome with flakes shifting gold to green to blue to purple.  Inspired by the depressing and sometimes anxious inner darkness that can accompany nightmares.

Price: $13.00


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