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Jen & Berries | Faster Collection | August 2020



Before we get to this Jen & Berries collection, let’s take a quick moment to congratulate Jen on her one year indie-versary!!! I look forward to seeing what the next year brings for J&B

In celebration of the anniversary, Jen & Berries has a new collection inspired by motorcycle road racing. J&B owner Jen is a former motorcycle road racer, while her husband is a 5 time consecutive reigning champion of motorcycle road racing in Colorado. The Faster Collection is inspired by the excitement of motorcycle road racing.

Polishes are available individually or as a set for $70. You can grab your polishes here!

All swatches done using Vapid Lacquer Commitment Issues Base Coat and Get Your Shine On. Pictures taken in direct lighting with a natural daylight Ottlite.

Red Flag! Red Flag!

This red polish is inspired by Logan, an autistic young man that has been coming to the race track since he was a little boy.  Any time that a red flag is waving, anyone in earshot will hear, “red flag! red flag!” and know that the action has stopped on the track.

Red Flag! Red Flag! is described as a medium red jelly base with red to gold aurora shimmer and flakies that shift through purple, red and gold, along with holographic
microglitter that sparkles in the sunshine.

Price: $12.00


#1 Stunna

Since orange is my favorite color and featured color of my husband’s race bike, my first true orange polish had to mean something to me.

#1 Stunna is described as an orange jelly base has subtle red to gold aurora shimmer, along with tiny gold and red flakies. Simple at first glance but multi-dimensional
up close, just like Jen’s own #1 stunna! If you have a strong visible nail line and prefer not to see it through a polish, you may want to layer this polish over a white base coat.

Price: $10.50


Yard Sale

A yard sale, in motorcycle racing, often comes after a high side crash.  This usually results in some tumbling (both you and your motorcycle) either in the air, or on the ground (or both) and you’re left with bike parts scattered around.  I do not recommend trying this, but I do recommend trying this polish!

The green to blue multichrome shift in Yard Sale will simulate the exciting, yet
terrifying grass-sky-grass-sky view and the 3 different types of
shifting flakies (crystal chameleon and ultrachrome chameleon) will look
better on your nails than broken parts do on the ground.


In The Slipstream

When you are in the slipstream behind someone, something magical
happens.  It gets more quiet and calm, moving forward takes less effort
and you go faster.  If you’re close enough, you can use your reserve
power to rocket past your opponent and there is not much they can do
about it.

In The Slipstream has a serene turquoise base. It’s packed with an
intense aqua to purple shimmer and a splash of holographic flakies that
take you one step closer to victory…on your nails.



A holeshot is the ultimate goal when you start a race.  You’re in the
lead heading into the first corner and if you stay there, the top step
of the podium is yours.

Holeshot has a violet base with an intense green to purple shimmer,
flakies that shift through the color spectrum and green holographic
glitter and silver holographic microflakies to cheer you on towards the win.
*My not-so-good-at-race-starts-but-good-at-winning-husband would like to
point out that getting the holeshot is not a guaranteed win.


Knee Dragger

It is hard to describe the feeling of dragging your knee for the first
time while going through a corner on a motorcycle, but it’s a little
something like this: “Woohoo! Holy $#!+! I am a total badass!! I’m the
fastest thing on two wheels and know I can conquer the world!!!!!”

Knee Dragger is described as a super light grey crelly that has opaque silver and gunmetal microflakies and subtle holographic microglitters with bold red to gold
ultrachameleon flakies.


Hitting the Apex

When you hit the apex of a corner just right, everything seems to make
sense.  Your bike feels settled beneath you and you have the bike
pointed in the optimum direction to propel out of the corner with speed
and stability.

Hitting the Apex is a smooth silver linear holographic with (large) red to
gold and (small) orange to green ultrachrome chameleon flakies.  It
gives you the excitement of hitting the apex perfectly.


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