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Polished Gamers Box | Mortal Kombat | July 2020



I am excited to be one of the guest swatchers for the July Polished Gamers Box. The theme this month is Mortal Kombat. Though I have not gamed in a while, I remember playing Mortal Kombat in the 90s with my siblings on our Sega. Funny story, we still have our original Nintendo and Sega from when we were kids, as well as most of our original games. When I found out the theme for this box, I pushed up my sleeves and started digging through our storage closet to see if I could find our original Mortal Kombat game, but after being elbow deep in cardboard boxes for an hour, I found the Sega and the Nintendo, but not the game. I’m sure that it will turn up at some point now that I have stopped looking for it!

What is the Polished Gamers Box?

The Polished Gamers Box is a game themed box featuring several makers each month. Each box will have a gaming related theme and feature different types of indie products that include nail polish, nail care, body care, wax, and other handmade items.

If you’re like me and enjoy having the option to “build your own box”, then the Polished Gamers box is perfect for you. All items are offered individually, so you pick and choose which items you would like to buy. No minimums or maximum requirements (though some items may be capped).

The Polished Gamers Box will be available for a one week pre-order from July 15th through July 20th. The turnaround time is will be 2-3 weeks following the end of the preorder period. Items will be individually priced and $4 flat rate shipping will be offered for all domestic orders. International shipping will be offered at cost. If multiple orders are made (under the same name), shipping overages will be refunded.

You can grab the Polished Gamers Box here!

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I have 25 products to share with you today. I actually received 26 products, including a whipped body butter from Saki Lacquer, but it would not be a delivery in Arizona in the summer, if something did not go wrong. Let’s just say that our recent 110+ temps and the  body butter did not mix. so I won’t have pics to share with you all.

All swatches done using Vapid Lacquer – Commitment Issues Peel Off Base Coat and Quixotic Polish Fancy A Quickie? Glossy Top Coat. Pictures taken in direct lighting with a natural daylight Ottlite.

All Mixed Up Lacquers

Acid Rain

Inspiration: Reptile

Acid Rain is described as an acid green linear holographic polish with ucc and crystal iridescent flakies.

Price: $13.00

Product Cap: 30 bottles


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Mortal Kombat Stamping Plate


Inspiration: Game characters

Description: Plate with exclusive designs for the theme engraves in low relief on stainless steel.

Price: $12.00

Product Cap: None

I did two Mortal Kombat manis based off of two inspiration pictures I found online!


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Atomic Polish


Inspiration: The Babality Finisher – This polish is specifically based off of Sub Zero’s Babality scene. “I honestly can’t remember if I successfully accomplished a babality as I was a button masher. The MK3 talent was born into my younger brother.” – from the maker behind Atomic

Babality! is described as a teal jelly polish that is filled with micro holo flakies for a scattered holo effect. It also contains chameleon pigment that shifts from green to indigo. It is opaque in 2-3 coats depending on application.

Price: $11.00

Product Cap: 100 bottles


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BCB Lacquers


Inspiration: Mortal Kombat – Scorpion

Kunai is described as a dark grey creme with UCC red/gold/orange flakies.

Price: $12.00

Product Cap: 100 bottles


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Chirality Polish

Tonal Shift Acetone Additive Trio


Inspiration: Mortal Kombat One Liners

Product Description: A moisturizing additive for acetone to make nail polish removal less harsh on your skin and nails. Formulated with the same skin loving oils as Soften Your Tips Nourishing Cuticle Oil, Tonal Shift will add a moisturizing touch during polish removal. Just shake the bottle of Tonal Shift to ensure all the nourishing oils are mixed. Pour the entire bottle into 6-8 ounces of acetone. Then swirl the acetone bottle to mix.

     Flawless Victory is described as fresh rain fallen in the dragon fruit orchard.

      Finish Her is described as a fruity blend of watermelon, dragon fruit, pears, and berries.

      Fatality is described as an exotic blend of dragon fruit and citrus with a kick of spice.

Price: $11.00

Product Cap: 75 sets


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Color Spectrum Polish

Have An Ice Day

Inspiration: Sub-Zero — name is inspired by the move when Sub-Zero freezes his opponent from the feet up to the waist. He then rips the opponent’s torso off and holds the victim’s bleeding torso. Gross… but epic!

Have An Ice Day is described as a deep blue loaded with shimmering goodness including aqua sparks, silver & electric blue microflakies, sapphire diamond sparkle, blue shimmer and iridescent flakies.

Price: $11.00

Product Cap: 40 bottles


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Colores de Carol

Here’s Johnny!

Inspiration: Johnny Cage

Here’s Johnny! is described as a neon green with Aurora shimmer and crystal chameleon flakes.

Price: $11.50

Product Cap: 30 bottles


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Esmaltes Da Kelly


Inspiration: Mortal Kombat – Mileena

Mileena is described as a wine jelly with galaxy glitter gold, back iridescent flakie.

Price: $13.00

Product Cap: 100 bottles


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Ethereal Lacquer

Dark Intentions 

Inspiration: Sindel

Dark Intentions is described as a dark and vampy multichrome that shifts cobalt, violet, red and orange at extreme angles.

Price: $13.00

Product Cap: None


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Galatea Cosmetics

The Living Forest Rinse-Free Hand Wash


Inspiration: The Living Forest Arena

Product Description: The Living Forest, with the creepy-faced, gloomy trees, is our favorite arena – and we built a scent that evokes the setting – cedarwood, a thick blanket of wet leaves, and an ominous fog of syrupy Bourbon vanilla.

Our Rinse-Free Hand Cleansers have a fantastic, not-too-drying formula, lightly scented with our original fragrance blend. This portable size is perfect to toss in your pocket or purse.

Price: $6.00

Product Cap: None


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Geekish Glitter Lacquer

As Dark As Every Heart That Inhabits It

Inspiration: Netherrealm

As Dark As Every Heart That Inhabits It is described as a black jelly with a red-copper-gold shimmer and holo pigment.

Price: $11.00

Product Cap: 30 bottles


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Jen & Berries

High Punch/Low Kick Cuticle Oil & Balm Duo


Inspiration: Combat maneuvers from the original arcade controls

High Punch is Jen & Berries’ The Precious cuticle & nail oil in a strawberry fruit punch scent. This is a fast absorbing, non-greasy blend that nourishes cuticles & nails. It comes in a 2ml twist pen with brush.

Low Kick is a new J&B Product – Matter Balm. It is a solid, non-greasy balm with minimal shine and has a decently high melting point. It is scented to match the oil and comes in a 2ml slim balm tube for easy application on long nails

Price: Oil – $5, Balm – $4, Duo – $8.50

Product Cap: 130 oil, 130 balm, 130 duo

High Punch


Low Kick


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Jewelry by RPF

Scorpion Necklace


Inspiration: Scorpion

Product Description: This necklace has a scorpion stamp (the arachnid, not the character from the game) using Hit the Bottle “Magna Opus” which has shifts from copper to green to gold. Then it is painted with Quixotic Polish “Another Glorious Morning” which is described as a dark forest green base with gold to green magnetic pull and scattered magenta shimmer. This necklace is set in a dark brown wood setting with an adjustable faux leather cord attached. It can adjust from about 14″ – 22″ just by sliding the knots on the cord closer together or further apart. There is no metal on this necklace. The pendant is about 1.25″ wide.

NOTE: Due to the nature of the magnetic polish and stamping, these will all look different. The stamp may be positioned differently than photos or the magnetic line may be in a different place. This lends itself to a handmade item and each one will be unique and special.

Price: $11.00

Product Cap: 35


Isn’t this just gorgeous?!?!

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Moon Shine Mani


Inspiration: Inspired by the moment in the game when the announcer calls for you to finish your opponent with a fatality move.

FINISH HIM!! is described as a clear base topper filled with matching shimmer and iridescent flakies that shift red/gold/green and a rainbow of multichrome flakies. Picture in two coats with no undies and one coat over a black creme polish.

Price: $12.00

Product Cap: None


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MTK Design

Blood Mist

Inspiration: Skarlet

Product Description: Her’s are some of the most graphic fatalities in MK and to think she almost didn’t happen. Skarlet was the glitch everyone wanted and did not disappoint – vicious and brutal; her bloodthirst can never be satiated. To honor her, Blood Mist is a bright blood red to deep dark oxblood thermal saturated with red micro holo glitter and then even more red in the red to copper shifting shimmer.

Price: $12.50

Product Cap: None


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Peachtree Polish

Do Not Provoke A God

Inspiration: A battle between Ermac and Raiden

Do Not Provoke A God is described as a shimmery tri-color thermal that shifts from brown (cold) to red (transition) to lime (hot) and is loaded with purple/blue/gold flakes.

Price: $11.50

Product Cap: 35 bottles


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Red Eyed Lacquer

Flawless Victory 

Inspiration: Mortal Kombat SNES box

Flawless Victory is described as a black jelly with red/gold UCC flakies. Pictured in three coats with no undie and in one coat over a black creme polish.

Price: $11.00

Product Cap: None


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Rogue Lacquer

Pure Lighting

Inspiration: Ashram – demon who was purified

Pure Lighting is described as a creamy white base with gold flakes and silver holo micro flakes.

Price: $12.00

Product Cap: None


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Swamp Gloss


Inspiration: Cassie Cage

Product Description: Inspired by the gun totin, bubblegum poppin’ Cassie Cage. Sup is a tinted periwinkle loaded with two shifty auroras in purple to red and red to green and crystal chameleon flakes that shift pink, green, gold and purple, red gold.

Price: $12.50

Product Cap: 50 bottles


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Sweet & Sour Lacquer

Choose Your Fighter

Inspiration: Choose Your Fighter screen from the 90s

Choose Your Fighter is described as a gray crelly with blue, yellow, pink, black, purple, and lime green matte and holo glitters in various shapes and sizes.

Price: $11.00

Product Cap: None


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Treo Lacquer

$500 Sunglasses A$$hole


Inspiration: Johnny Cage, the cocky OG Hollywood action star, delivers this fantastic line in the movie after Goro crunches his Sunglasses

Product Description: Daily Defense is a deluxe cuticle oil offered in a delightfully masculine scent of earthy moss, cedarwood, and machismo.

Price: $6.25

Product Cap: 75 bottles


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Twisting Nether Lacquer


Inspiration: Frost

Frost is described as a white crelly with shades of blues and copper holo glitters and matte black glitters.

Price: $12.00

Product Cap: 30 bottles


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Venus Lacquers


Inspiration: Kenshi

Kenshi-fied is described as a berry base with pink and turquoise holographic glitter.

Price: $11.00

Product Cap: 40 bottles


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What Addiction?


Inspiration: Jade

Jade is described as a bright green base filled with aurora shimmer, black holo glitters in a variety of sizes and lime green holo flakes. Please use a good base coat, this polish is pretty pigmented and may cause staining.

Price: $12.00

Product Cap: 65 bottles


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Zombie Claw

Li Mei’s Brutality

Inspiration: Li Mei

Li Mei’s Brutality is described as a linear holo base filled with blue-purple-red chameleon glitters, sapphire, black, purple and silver holo glitters.

Price: $11.50

Product Cap: 40 bottles


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Don’t forget to check out my instagram here. Swatch videos of all polishes coming soon!


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