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Glam Polish | The Frog Prince Collection | July 2020



Hello, my name is Tiana.

Well, you probably already knew that and now you are likely wondering why I felt the need to introduce myself. Hopefully it will all make sense in a minute and will tell you why I am in love with this new collection from Glam Polish.

Introducing the Frog Prince Collection, the new The Princess and the Frog inspired collection. Yes, that right.. Inspired by Princess Tiana, the princess that Disney named after me (not really, but I’ll continue to pretend that they did)!

The Frog Prince Collection features 10 whimsical crelly polishes featuring stunning glitters, flakies, and shimmers. The collection will be releasing on July 3rd at 2pm EST USA. It will be available as a set and individually. You can grab your set here!

There will also be a new release promo for the first 72 hours of this release. Save 5% on all individual shades on the Glam Polish website with code ANGEL5. Save 10% on all full collections with code ANGEL10.

All swatches done using Vapid Lacquer Commitment Issues and Under a Hula Moon Ricos Glossy Top Coat & Seventy Seven Lacquer Smoke & Mirrors Matte Top Coat. Pictures taken in direct lighting with a natural daylight Ottlite.

Ma Belle Evangeline

Ma Belle Evangeline is described as a bright coral crelly with aurora shimmer and ultra holo glitter.


Almost There

Almost There is described as a bright Yellow crelly with aurora shimmer and ultra holo glitter.


Dig A Little Deeper

Dig A Little Deeper is described as a pink crelly with purple metallic glitter and gold flakies.


You’re The Best Thing I Never Knew I Needed

You’re The Best Thing I Never Knew I Needed is described as a lavender crelly with shifting iridescent flakies and aqua glitter .


Magic In The Air

Magic In The Air is described as a light Blue crelly with shifting iridescent flakies and neon pink glitter.


I Would Kiss A Hundred Frogs

I Would Kiss A Hundred Frogs is described as a pastel lime crelly with shifting iridescent flakies and gold flakies.


Down In New Orleans

Down In New Orleans is described as a cobalt crelly with shifting iridescent flakies and rainbow glitter mix.


I Got Voodoo, I Got Hoodoo

I Got Voodoo, I Got Hoodoo is described as a boysenberry jelly with aurora shimmer and purple metallic glitter.


Good Things Are Sure To Come Your Way

Good Things Are Sure To Come Your Way is described as a teal crelly with neon pink glitter and gold flakies.


Aren’t You Just As Pretty As A Magnolia In May

Aren’t You Just As Pretty As A Magnolia In May is described as a white crelly with matte and metallic glitter mix and gold flakies.


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Don’t forget to check out my instagram here. Swatch videos of all 10 polishes coming soon!


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