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Navni Beauty | Totally Neon 90s Collection | July 2020



Whose ready to jump back on the neon train with me??? This collection spoke to me for so many reasons. Neons βœ”, inspired by the 90s βœ”, benefits an amazing cause βœ”. What more could you ask for??

The Totally Neon 90s Collection from Navni Beauty features 6 bright neon polish, all with gorgeous shimmers. One of thing that I love to learn when a new collection is released is how the maker came up with the collection. Kripa of Navni Beauty has an amazing story for how the Totally Neon 90s Collection came to life!

When I first showed my friend this collection, we both agreed it gave us a fun 90s vibe. Then I thought back on the 90s and wondered if “fun” would be the word I would describe it with. I think it eventually ended that way, but I started the 90s doing the hardest and saddest thing I have ever done in my life. I moved with my family from India to America at the age of 9, leaving countless friends and family behind. For the first few years, even though my English was pretty good and more than adequate for me to communicate with people, I didn’t speak up much except to answer the teacher’s questions. Opening my mouth made me feel like an outsider. I was either complimented on how good my English was or was told my accent was too thick for them to understand. Of course, eventually this changed but in the process, I remember the moments when I transitioned from just listening to the slang of the times and feeling awkward about them to actually using them effortlessly. Words like Duh and Whatever. I remember thinking, I don’t feel so much like an outsider anymore. So this 90s collection is a tongue in cheek homage to the words that helped me go from an awkward immigrant to someone who could pretend she was faking it pretty well. This is until someone else, yet again, compliments me on “how good my English is”.

This story really spoke to me. While I did not have an accent growing up in Michigan, a lot of times there seemed to be an assumption that as a young African American child, my English should not be that good. I remember one time my sister and I were at the mall and an adult lady approached us to “compliment” us on how articulate we were. She was genuinely surprised that we could speak well… Despite that happening 15-20 years ago, we still think about it and it has impacted the way I interact with people to ensure that I don’t wrap up biases and prejudices in the form of “compliments.”

If you need any other incentive to purchase the Totally Neon 90s Collection, not only will you have 6 gorgeous polishes, but you will also be supporting a good cause. Navni Beauty will be donating 20% of all proceeds from July to the Loveland Foundation – a charity who’s mission is to provide resources for mental health to Black women and girls.

The Totally Neon 90’s Collection will be available for a one week pre-order starting July 3rd. The polishes will be available individually for $11.00 each. You can grab your polishes here!

All swatches done using Vapid Lacquer Commitment Issues and Under a Hula Moon Ricos Glossy Top Coat & Seventy Seven Lacquer Smoke & Mirrors Matte Top Coat. Pictures taken in direct lighting with a natural daylight Ottlite.



Whatever is described as a neon pink with purple shimmer.




Duh. is described as a neon orange with purple shimmer.




Boo-Yah! is described as a neon chartreuse yellow with red shimmer.


Da Bomb


Da Bomb is described as a bright neon green with red/orange shimmer.


Chill Pill


Chill Pill is described as a neon blue with purple shimmer.


As If


As If is described as a neon purple with blue shimmer.


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