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Hella Handmade Creations | December 2019



Every year, I fully vow to be ahead of the game with everything (shopping, gift wrapping, etc.)… and every year, I inevitably end up finishing all of my shopping and staying up to ridiculous hours of the night (morning) to wrap gifts on Christmas Eve because…. procrastination. 🤷🏾‍♀️

I made the vow again this year, but if the timing of this blog post is any indication, this will be another year of working down to the wire! I have 14 of the December HHC polishes to share with you.

Let’s take a look!

How does Hella Handmade Creations work?

Each featured brand commits to participating for a minimum of 4 months. Each brand chooses their own theme and will create 1 polish per month inspired by that theme.

The are 28 brands participating in December! Here are the brands and their chosen themes.

☆ Bees Knees Lacquer – Rick & Morty

☆ Bluebird Lacquer – Met Gala*

☆ Blush Lacquers – Mean Girls

☆ Chirality Polish – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

☆ Colors by Llarowe – Queen

☆ Don Deeva – Sex and the City

☆ DRK Nails – Chronicles of Narnia

☆ Ethereal Lacquer – Planets

☆ Femme Fatale – Stephen King

☆ Great Lakes Lacquer – The Boy In The Iceberg

☆ Heather’s Hues – The Office

☆ Illyrian Polish – Crystals and Opals

☆ Kathleen & Co Polish – Nature

☆ Lilypad Lacquer – Looney Tunes

☆ LynB Designs – Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

☆ Moo Moo Signatures – Primeval

☆ Nail Hoot – The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

☆ Nailed It! Hawaii – The Nightmare Before Christmas

☆ Necessary Evil – Under the Microscope

☆ Night Owl Lacquer – That 70’s Show

☆ Pampered Polishes – Alice in Wonderland

☆ Pretty Jelly Artisan Nail Lacquer – Tarot Cards

☆ Rogue Lacquer – Fantastic Beasts

☆ Sassy Pants Polish – Lucifer

☆ Seventy Seven Lacquer – Punk Rock

☆ Shleee Polish – Lady Gaga

☆ Turtle Tootsie Polish – Pink!

☆ Under A Hula Moon – Friends

*New Series

Free Stuff, What??

The ladies of HHC are continuing with their free gift with purchase promotion this month. All orders over $75 will receive a bottle of Under A Hula Moon’s Glassy Top Coat. If you couldn’t tell by the name, Glassy will add a shiny, high gloss finish to your mani.


I used Glassy with my swatches this month and I can definitely confirm the high shine finish. Glassy was dry to the touch for me in about 5-7 minutes. Glassy is on the thinner side, so I would anticipate that it will need a bit longer to be fully dry. On a side note, because Glassy is thinner, I think that it will do really well as a base to attach reverse stamping decals. I’m going to try thing out and let you all know!

Sales Information

Sale will begin on December 14th at 12:01am Eastern time.
Sale will end on December 21st 11:59pm Hawaiian time.

Polishes can be purchased at

This is a preorder sale and the turn around time is 3-4 weeks!

All swatches done using Vapid Lacquer – Commitment Issues Base Coat and Under A Hula Moon Glassy Top Coat (unless otherwise noted). Pictures taken in direct lighting with a natural daylight Ottlite.

Shleee Polish



Theme: Lady Gaga

Simulation is described as a blue/black tinted base with blue and green iridescent aurora shimmers.

Price: $13

Cap: 100 bottles



Seventy Seven Lacquer

A is for Anarchy


Theme: Punk Rock

A is for Anarchy is described as a black based holo with silver holographic micro slices.

Price: $13

Cap: 100 bottles



Pretty Jelly Nail Polish

Ace of Cups


Theme: Tarot Cards

Ace of Cups is described as a white crelly with a mix of holographic square and hex glitters in shades of blue and gold, tiny teal metallic flakes, iridescent glitter, and subtle gold-to-green shimmer.

Price: $12

Cap: None



Night Owl Lacquer



Theme: That 70’s Show

Burn! is described as a rich glowy red filled with red/copper/gold UCC flakes and a touch of red/gold aurora shimmer.

Price: $12.50

Cap: None



Necessary Evil Polish



Theme: Under the Microscope

Bloomin is described as a vibrant raspberry pink with a lil of a blue-ish shimmer and scattered holo.

Price: $11.50

Cap: 75 bottles



Lilypad Lacquer

I Will Name Him George


Theme: Looney Tunes – Hugo the abominable snowman

I Will Name Him George is described as a white cruelly with blue/green shimmer and blue/green multichrome flakes. Pictured with in two coats with no top coat.

Price: $14

Cap: None



Heather’s Hues

I’m a Black Belt in Gift Wrapping


Theme: The Office

I’m a Black Belt in Gift Wrapping is described as a chocolate crelly filled with copper and gold holo microglitters, gold microshreds, and multichrome flakes in a mix of colors including copper, gold, green, red, pink, and blue.

Price: $12

Cap: None



Femme Fatale



Theme: Stephen King

Desperation is described as a smoky redwood purple base with a bright chartreuse glow, and array of silver holographic flecks, flakes and microglitters.

Price: $14

Cap: None



Ethereal Lacquer



Theme: Planets

Venus is described as a soft shimmering greyed periwinkle with a strong peachy shimmer and scattered holo.

Price: $12.50

Cap: None



Don Deeva

Flex in the City


Theme: Sex in the City

Flex in the City is described as a rouge color with intense gold/copper shimmer and holo running throughout.. with a bit of holo flake for added touch.

Price: $14

Cap: None

20191129074631_IMG_7468_1575191298602-01 (2)20191124071135_IMG_7140_1575191387731-01


Colors by Llarowe

Hammer to Fall


Theme: Queen

Hammer to Fall is described as a taupe base multichrome that shifts taupe to hot pink to green to gold with scattered holo.

Price: $11

Cap: 200 bottles

20191129074608_IMG_7463_1575108786608-01 (2)20191124071040_IMG_7129_1574732153061-01


Chirality Polish

A Man in the Couch


Theme: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

This holiday season, don’t be like Frank. Don’t be the person that sews themselves into a couch. A Man in the Couch is a jet black polish filled with silver holo micro glitters.

Price: $11

Cap: None

20191129074404_IMG_7445_1575107869559-01 (2)20191124071059_IMG_7134_1575108453110-01


Blush Lacquers

The Mathletes


Theme: Mean Girls

The Mathletes is described as a deep royal blue nail polish with varying sizes of gold flakes and small gold holographic glitters.

Price: $11.25

Cap: None

20191129074331_IMG_7440_1575107627543-01 (2)20191124071010_IMG_7125_1574868457006-01


Bees Knees Lacquer

Big Chill


Theme: Rick and Morty

Big Chill is described as a muted teal with red to green shimmer and orange to green iridescent flakes.

Price: $12

Cap: None

20191129074446_IMG_7450_1575108057939-01 (2)20191124070947_IMG_7121_1575108853785-01


A quick note about swatch videos this month, the camera lens that I use for my swatch videos sadly did not make it to see another Christmas. I am in the process of getting a new lens and I hope to be back with swatch videos in January! In the meantime, I promise to share all the pictures in order to fully fulfill my role as a polish pusher.


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