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Polish Pickup | Winter is Coming |December 2019



🎶 It’s beginning to feel a lot like winter (sung to the tune of It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas). 🎶

That’s right, winter has officially hit Arizona, which means jackets and heaters in the morning and at night and short sleeves and open windows during the day. I feel personally victimized by this cold weather. Please send warm thoughts to my 100+ degree loving heart.

Winter has also hit with December’s Polish Pickup with a theme of Winter is Coming. Will we see Game of Thrones inspired polishes? General winter inspired polishes? Winter movies inspired polishes? Winter food inspired polishes?

The possibilities are endless!!

PPU usually runs from the first Friday to Monday of the month, but a slight change has been made to the dates to celebrate Cyber Monday and to give makers a slight break for the holidays. December PPU will run from Monday, December 2nd to Friday, December 6th at

Let’s take a look at a few of the December polishes.

Blush Lacquers

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

Inspiration: Mistletoe

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe is described as an olive green jelly based linear holographic with holographic microflecks mixed in, as well as iridescent glitters that shift orange to yellow to green.

Price: $12.00

Cap: None


Colors by Llarowe

Snow Birds

Inspiration: Maker Leah Ann’s travels in Florida when the snow and cold hit.

Snow Birds is described as a light teal based multichrome that shifts to purple to pink to green with scattered holographic.

Price: $11.00

Cap: 200 bottles


Heather’s Hues

Hotel of Ice

Inspiration: Romanian Ice Hotel in Lake Balea, Romania

Hotel of Ice is described as a tri-thermal that transitions from a plum purple (cold) to blurple (warm) to colorless/sheer white (hot) packed with red to copper to gold to green iridescent shimmer and iridescent flakes in red to green to gold and pink to orange to gold.

Price: $12.00

Cap: 180 bottles


Warm State
Cold State

Jior Couture

A Polish Has No Name

Inspiration: Jior wanted to incorporate both GoT and a normal wintery theme. The color was inspired by a sunrise over a snow covered home and field and the name was inspired by a famous line from Game of Thrones.

A Polish Has No Name is described as a pale grey creme with stunning copper shimmer that is slightly larger particle so it looks like tiny flecks.

Price: $11.00

Cap: None


Necessary Evil

Peppermint Kisses

Inspiration: Peppermint white chocolate mocha

Peppermint Kisses is described as a warm, slightly pink leaning red (cold) to clearish white (warm) thermal with scattered holo, red shimmer and white and red holo glitters mixed in.

Price: $12.00

Cap: 150 bottles


Cold State
Warm State
Hot State

Rogue Lacquer

Winter Solstice

Inspiration: Winter solstice

Winter Solstice is described as a pale lavender jelly base with orange to pink to green color shifting flakes and holo micro flakes.

Price: $12.50

Cap: 330 bottles


Natural indirect lighting
Natural indirect lighting

Seventy Seven Lacquer

Yipee Ki-Yay, MF

Inspiration: A John McClain quote from the movie, Die Hard

Yippee-Ki-Yay, MF is described as a warm, magenta leaning purple base with a multichrome shift that shifts gold to orange to pink to purple to red, as well as subtle, delicate orange shimmer.

Price: $13.00

Cap: 98 US / 2 UK


Zombie Claw


Inspiration: Hildegerd Haugen

Winterfell is described as a black base filled with icy blue and dark blue glitters, different sizes of blue iridescent glitters and turquoise glitters.

Price: $10.00

Cap: TBD


Click here to see all of the indie products that will be available for December Polish Pickup. Don’t forget to join Polish Pickup Pack for more information on PPU and future themes.


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