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Hella Handmade Creations | August 2019 – Part 1



Have you ever felt like the cosmos aligned and gifted you the perfect evening?? My belly is full with some delicious Macayos, there an amazing monsoon thunderstorm outside, and I’m comfy in my bed, watching old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What more could I hope for on this midsummer day??? So, inquiring minds want to know, what’s your idea of a perfect day?

Since I’m chilling for the rest of the evening, why not share some Hella Handmade Creations gorgeousness with you all. Any objections?? None? Good, let’s get to it.

How does Hella Handmade Creations work?

Each featured brand commits to participating for a minimum of 4 months. Each brand chooses their own theme and will create 1 polish per month inspired by that theme.

The are 28 brands participating in August! Here are the brands and their chosen themes.

☆ Bees Knees Lacquer – Rick & Morty

☆ Chirality Polish – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

☆ Colors by Llarowe – Freddie Mercury

☆ Ethereal Lacquer – Planets

☆ Femme Fatale – Stephen King

☆ Grace-full Nail Polish – DC

☆ Heather’s Hues – Bob’s Burgers

☆ Illyrian Polish – Crystals & Opals

☆ Kathleen & Co Polish – In the Garden

☆ Lilypad Lacquer – Looney Tunes

☆ Lollipop Posse Lacquer – Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman”

☆ LynB Designs – Schitt’s Creek

☆ Ms. Sparkle – TY Beenie Boos

☆ Music City Beauty – One Hit Wonders

☆ My Indie Polish – My Little Pony

☆ Nail Hoot – The Nutcracker and the Four Realms*

☆ Nailed It! Hawaii – The Vampire Diaries

☆ Necessary Evil – Under the Microscope

☆ Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish – Kenny Chesney

☆ Pretty Jelly Artisan Nail Lacquer – Sailor Moon

☆Quixotic Polish – Graffiti Art

☆Rogue Lacquer – Fantastic Beasts

☆ Seventy Seven Lacquer – Punk Rock

☆ Shleee Polish – Gwen Stacy

☆ Supernatural Lacquer – Fullmetal Alchemist

☆ Turtle Tootsie – Forrest Gump

☆Under A Hula Moon – Elton John

☆ Wildflower Lacquer – Dazed and Confused*

*New Series

Sales Information

Sale will begin on August 14th at 12:01am Eastern time.
Sale will end on August 21st 11:59pm Hawaiian time.

Polishes can be purchased at

This is a preorder sale and the turn around time is 3-4 weeks!

Let’s get started!! All polishes pictured using Vapid Lacquer – Commitment Issues and Get Your Shine On High Shine Quick Dry Top Coat.

Turtle Tootsie Polish

Stupid Is As Stupid Does


Theme: Forrest Gump

Stupid Is As Stupid Does is described as a brown holo polish with green/red shifting shimmer.

Price: $11.00

Cap: 150 bottles

Opaque for me in two coats.


Pictured in natural, shaded light

Supernatural Lacquer

Flame Alchemist


Theme: Fullmetal Alchemist

Flame Alchemist is described as a dark blue base with a red/gold multichrome shift, red/gold/green aurora shimmer, a mixture of warm-toned multichrome chameleon flakes + color shift flakes and scattered spectraflair holo. Inspired by Roy Mustang the Flame Alchemist.

Price: $12.75

Cap: 200 bottles

Opaque for me in three coats.


Pictured in natural, shaded light

Shleee Polish

Along Came a Radioactive Spider


Theme: Gwen Stacy

Along Came a Radioactive Spider is described as a black jelly polish with holographic glitter, and pink and teal iridescent flakies.

Price: $13.00

Cap:100 bottles

Opaque for me in three coats.


Pictured in natural, shaded light


Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer



Theme: Punk Rock

All is described as a turquoise crelly with a mix of white & black glitters, topped with blue/purple/red shifting shimmer.

Price: $12.50

Cap: 75 bottles

Opaque for me in two coats.


Rogue Lacquer



Theme: Fantastic Beasts

Erumpet is described as a dark gray scattered holo with red to green shifting shimmer and micro gold holo glitters.

Price: $12.50

Cap: 150 bottles

Opaque for me in two coats.


Pictured in natural, shaded light


Quixotic Polish

Life is Beautiful


Theme: Graffiti Art

Life is Beautiful is described as a purple holographic polish with a pink/blue shift.

Price: $11.00

Cap: None

Opaque for me in two coats.


Pretty Jelly Artisan Nail Lacquer

Flower Hurricane


Theme: Sailor Moon

Flower Hurricane is described as a green jelly with pink and red multichrome flakies, holographic flakies, and a sprinkle of pink to gold shimmer. Inspired by Sailor Jupiter.

Price: $12.50

Cap: None

Opaque for me in two coats.


Poetry Cowgirl Polish

No Shoes


Theme: Kenny Chesney

No Shoes is described as a buildable semi-sheer sandy colored shimmer packed with blue, green, and gold micro flakies, blue-green iridescent glitters, sky blue and turquoise holo glitters, and a smattering of black micro glitters. Can be worn in one coat as an overlay or built up to full coverage.

Price: $11.00

Cap: None

Opaque for me in two coats.


One coat over a purple holo polish. Pictured in natural, shaded light


Necessary Evil

Whiskey? Rye Not


Theme: Under the Microscope

Whiskey? Rye Not is described as a rusty reddish orange polish with scattered holo and purple, blue pink and green iridescent flakes.

Price: $11.00

Cap: None

Opaque for me in two coats.


Click here for the second half of my August swatches!

Make sure you visit the Hella Handmade Creation’s Facebook page for more information on the sale of all of the gorgeous polishes and for my video swatches of the 17 polishes that I got to play with this month!


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