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Hella Handmade Creations | June 2019 | Part 2


Don’t forget to click here to see the first half of my June HHC swatches!

Let’s get to the second half!


All polishes done using Vapid Lacquer – Commitment Issues and Get Your Shine On High Shine Quick Dry Top Coat.

Quixotic Polish

Fly High


Theme: Graffiti Art

Fly High is described as a peacock teal based polish with fine red to gold to green shifting particles and lit with iridescent flakes that shift lime to blue to purple.

Price: $12.00

Cap: 150 bottles


Opaque for me in two coats.


Fancy Gloss



Theme: Monsters Inc

Fungus is described as a coral/pink based polish with blue/red/copper flakes and blue aurora shimmer.

Price: $12.50

Cap: 150 bottles


Opaque for me in two coats.


Seventy Seven Lacquer

You Oughta Know


Theme: Female Rockers

You Oughta Know is described as a purple based polish with red holo micro flakes, jade/mauve UCC flakies, blue/purple/red shifting pigment and jade holo micro glitter.

Price: $12.50

Cap: 50 bottles


Opaque for me in two coats.


Ethereal Lacquer



Theme: Mythological Creatures

Rise is described as a smoky light plum based polish with fiery iridescent flakies. Inspired by the Phoenix.

Price: $12.50

Cap: None


Opaque for me in two coats.


Shleee Polish

Whatever That Power Is


Theme: Gwen Stacy

Whatever That Power Is is described as a white tinted based polish with pink iridescent flakes and aurora pigment, and holographic flakes and glitter.

Price: $14.00

Cap: 100 bottles


Opaque for me in two coats.


Colors By Llarowe

Radio Gaga


Theme: Freddie Mercury

Radio Gaga is described as a neon hi lighter yellow polish with red to gold shimmer and OG UP red to green to gold shimmer.

Price: $12.00

Cap: None


Opaque for me in two coats.


Supernatural Lacquer

State Alchemist


Theme: Fullmetal Alchemist

State Alchemist is described as a medium indigo/dark periwinkle blue crelly with bronze shimmer and a mixture of silver and silver holo shred, micro flake and micro glitter.

Price: $11.50

Cap: None


Opaque for me in two coats.


Chirality Polish



Theme: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

 While Fight Milk (from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) sounds pretty gross, Crowtein isn’t! It’s a cobalt blue polish filled with blue to indigo shifting shimmer and gold holo micro glitter pops. Drink Fight Milk every morning so you can fight like a crow! Caw!

Price: $10.00

Cap: None


Opaque for me in two coats.


Turtle Tootsie Polish

Run, Forrest, Run


Theme: Forrest Gump

Run, Forrest, Run is described as a turquoise holo polish with gold flakies and purple blue chameleon flakies.

Price: $11.00

Cap: None


Opaque for me in two coats.


1850 Artisan Polish

I Want It Now


Theme: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

I Want It Now is described as a bright pink based polish with multichrome effects that shift through shades of peach, golden orange, lavender, and turquoise. Generously sprinkled with holographic microflakes. This shade is inspired by Veruca Salt’s tantrum about getting a golden egg-laying goose as she kicked and tossed colorful packages and baskets of ribbons around the room.

Price: $12.00

Cap: None


Opaque for me in three coats.


Make sure you visit the Hella Handmade Creation’s Facebook page for more information on the sale of all of the gorgeous polishes and for my video swatches of the 21 polishes that I got to play with this month!


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