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Hella Handmade Creations | March 2019 – Part 2


All of the Hella Handmade Creations makers brought stunning custom polishes to the table this month (not that I am surprised). Let’s take a look at the second half of the polishes. Be sure to check out the first half of my swatches here!

Lilypad Lacquer



Theme: The Magic of the Zodiac

Pisces is described as a teal green to blue color shift scattered holo polish with green/blue/gold multichrome flakes.

Price: $15.50

Cap: 150 Bottles

Pisces was opaque for me in three coats.


Heather’s Hues

The Enigma of Gross-Great


Theme: Bob’s Burgers

The Enigma of Gross-Great is described as a gray crelly with a green to pink shifting aurora shimmer, pink-gold-green UCC flakes, Peridot metallic flakes, and bright pink holo micro shreds.

Price: $12.50

Cap:120 Bottles

The Enigma of Gross-Great was opaque for me in two coats.


Great Lakes Lacquer

All Shall Fade


Theme: Lord of the Rings

All Shall Fade is described as a gray to light blue thermal with an aqua to blue to purple and pink shifting aurora shimmer, finished with a scattered holographic touch.

Price: $12.50

Cap: None

All Shall Fade was opaque for me in two coats.


Fancy Gloss

You and I Are a Team


Theme: Monsters Inc.

You and I Are a Team is described as a purple to very light green thermal polish with green metallic flakes, blue/teal/green micro flakes & green shimmer.

Price: $12.50

Cap: 100 Bottles

You and I Are a Team was opaque for me in three coats.


Warm State


Cold State


DRK Nails

Are You Ready? Box Set


Theme: Mary Poppins

Price: $17.50

Cap: 100 Boxes

Practically Perfect

Practically Perfect is described as a pink magnetic polish with iridescent red/orange/green flakies.

Pictured is one coat over a black creme polish with and without a magnet.


The Cover is Not the Book

The Cover is Not the Book is described as a green/teal magnetic polish with iridescent blue/green/gold flakies.

Picture is one coat over a black creme polish, with and without a magnet.


Colors by Llarowe

Seven Seas of Rhye


Theme: Freddie Mercury

Seven Seas of Rhye is described as a bright magenta red to blue purple multichrome with red to blue aurora shimmer and scattered holo prismatic flake.

Price: $11.00

Cap: None

Seven Seas of Rhye was opaque for me in two coats.


Chirality Polish

Impossible Girl


Theme: Dr. Who

Impossible Girl is described as an impossibly saturated wine based polish loaded with ruby shimmer, gold to apple color shifting shimmer, and multiple sizes of holo silver micro glitter. Impossible Girl will leave you saying run, you clever boy, and remember!

Price: $11.00

Cap: None

Impossible Girl was opaque for me in ONE coat!! It dries to a gorgeous matte finish, so pictured both with and without a top coat.

No Top Coat


Glossy Top Coat

Blush Lacquers

The Pink Phink


Theme: The Pink Panther

The Pink Phink is described as a steel-blue linear holo based polish with small pink holographic glitters and larger iridescent shifting glitters of blue, purple, pink, red, orange and yellow.

Price: $11.50

Cap: None

The Pink Phink was opaque for me in three coats.


Bees Knees Lacquer



Theme: Rick and Morty

Solenya is described as a pickle green polish with red shimmer and packed with a rainbow of iridescent flakes.

Price: $13.00

Cap: None

Solenya was opaque for me in two coats.


1850 Artisan Polish

They All Become Blueberries


Theme: Willy Wonka

They All Become Blueberries¬†is described as a light blue (warmest state), medium blue (cool state), and purple (cold state) thermal polish. This beauty is highlighted with a blue to purple multichrome flash, holographic microflakes, and a sprinkling of red/green shifting aurora. Inspired by Violet’s demise by bubblegum.

Price: $12.00

Cap: 130 Bottles

They All Become Blueberries was opaque for me in two coats.


Warmest State


Cool State


Cold State


Make sure you visit the Hella Handmade Creation’s Facebook page for more information on the sale of all of the gorgeous polishes and for my video swatches of the 21 polishes that I got to play with this month!


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